GASPAROTTO weaver-mill was born in 1977 and is now located in Lugo di Vicenza, in a 3.800 square meter factory. Borned as a behalf of third party weaver company, in a short time we started to produce and sell for our own account, first just in the Italian market, then also abroad..

Expecially in the last years, with the help of high-specialized manpower, and with a firm cooperation with customers and selected suppliers, Gasparotto weaver-mill reached the target of higher quality and better service, above all with stock service (as very fast availability for finished textiles).
Our range of products concern, thank to our textile machines, from plush (felpa) to jersey and piquet, from chenille to pile fleece, from interlock to rip, from ottoman to triacetate; we used the following fibres: combed cotton 100%, elasticized combed cotton, mixed acryl, mixed polyester and polyester 100%.
All textiles and fibres are free contaminations.

Gasparotto Giuseppina weaver-mill
, Strada Provinciale Valdella, 36030 Lugo di Vicenza (VI),   tel. 0445 861777,   fax. 0445 861700,   P.IVA 00532480241  -  write us